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Lisa and Scott Dover have been married for over 24 years.  During those 24 yrs, they have shared many things and watched their family grow.  Both Lisa and Scott had professional jobs.  Lisa was the Director of HR and Scott was a Project Manager.  Both of them understand what it takes to satisfy a customer and they have coupled that with skills of cooking to offer you, their customer, an outstanding product and service.

Lisa's dad Albert used to BBQ every Sunday and we are not talking hamburgers.  He would do slow cooked thick sliced pork steaks.  Since they lived on a farm they always had fresh beef too so steaks were not out of the question either.  Being a farmer, he could also get fresh pork.  These would be accompanied by large sides of corn, baked beans, etc.  They made their own sauces and Lisa continues this tradition today.  So when you order Albert's pork steaks on the menu - this is what you will get. 

Scott's Great Grandmother Burley used to make all the pasta for the dinners on Thanksgiving.  Everything Scott and Lisa's families used to eat came from large gardens.  Scott's mother used to take canned green beans, mix in some fresh onions, bacon and a few dashes of fresh pepper at 8 am.  They would simmer until noon where they were just right...she might even through in some new potatoes.  This meal was typically sidelined with some fresh baked bread.  His fav was her beer bread.  He needs to get that recipe as it is not written down anywhere.  The fresh pasta his great grandmother used to make and is on the menu uses to eggs shells to measure milk added to the pasta...who would of thought of that?

                       ------ Iowa: build it and they will come  ---------


Coming together, they lived in Iowa and got to eat the famed Iowa Chops.  Thick grilled pork chops with all the fresh fixin's one could ask for.  Southern Iowa is known for lots of things.  They found many people preferred small tucked away eateries.  These "bistros" where really small family restraurants that served really close to the heart comfort food.  The fresh rolls as big as your hand.  The steaks cooked outside on hickory wood and thicker than a novel where outstanding.  The people were just as good.  We learned compassion and small gatherings make a family come together. 


                      ------- Memphis: Jazzin' it with da' blues ------ 

As much as they loved Iowa, Scott got transferred to Memphis Tenn. to lead up a large facilities' quality mangement project.  It was an opportunity to grow and learn new things.  They sold most of everything and moved to where the river runs blue in Memphis.  They became immersed in the sounds of Memphis Slim, BB King and Elvis.  Memphis is known for it's great BBQ.  Scott soon joined a team of Memphis in May standouts for a corporate work celebration.  He got a taste of BBQ for over 500, staying up all night keeping the fire going and eating some of the best slow cooked meat on the island....president's island that is.  Here both of them frequented Beale street, small off the beaten path BBQ joints, The Blue Plate and also some the famous - Corky's, The Peabody and  The Rendezvous ( for lunch).  See the Rendevous was not open for lunch at that time.  If you know someone who knows someone, you can get lunch ;).  They knew someone.  Great times at the Rendezvous and Memphis.  Thank you.


                       ------- Missouri:  A call to home -------

See Lisa and Scott both are from rural Missouri.  Lisa and Scott decided that the city life, though fun was not how they wanted to raise their kids.  So they bought some land and built a house near Sedalia.  Sedalia is about 1.5 hours from Lisa's parents and 2 hours from Scott's.  Great location.  It is here they found a deeper love for cooking and blended all their knowledge of travels to offer you a superior menu.  Being professionals, they have seen many caterers.  They took notes over the years about how to run a business.  They use Scott's project management skills, Lisa's great salesmanship from JC Penney and rolled it into a great business.  They found that many people like them just want good food to share with their families.  Many are too busy to do it all themselves and this is where they can help.


                    -------- new business: Just Good Dagwoods --------

Spending many hours with their kids at ballgames with only hotdogs, they knew there were better things to eat.  So they started building "Dagwoods".  Albert's take on a large sandwich piled high with meats and cheeses.  They started to pack lunches for their kids to take on field trips, ballgames, etc.  It soon caught on and Just Good Dagwoods was born.  This company supplies ( caters) to schools for events where a good lunch is not available.  They allow the kids to order a sack lunch and hand make each to their specifications all the while delivering it cold packed coolers.  Soon this grew and people started asking them to deliver some sandwich trays for birthdays or corporate events. They did and soon people asked if they could do other menu items.  Soon they were in the catering business. 


                     ----------- Catering: Table of 5 -------

 Table of 5 Catering was born.  A menu was put together and clients started to call.  A local event center - The Tiki house, needed a caterer.  They applied and were selected.   They like the home cooked items and great offerings for their clients.  Table of 5 is a unique name.  There are 5 people in their family and the name just came naturally as did the slogan.  They treat you like family because that is how you are seen - family.  Table of 5 Catering offers home cooked style meals, fresh garden vegetables when available and personal touch.  The same things they liked where ever they have lived.  On a recent trip to Alaska, they once again found an off the beaten path to a seafood restaurant.  Just a counter and a pot in the back of warehouse building.  It seemed daring but the locals swore by it.  They were right.  Some of the best crab bisque they have ever eaten.  Fresh off the boat, cooked right there with the right seasonings and fresh baked bread....awesome.


Table of 5 offers a variety of items on their menus.  The fine dining menu is one with china plates, servers, prime rib and lobster.  It is elegant and decadent.  The bistro menu is more for every day comfort, fully satisfying and cost effective.  This bistro style menu has BBQ, cheesy potatoes, grilled meats of all kinds, etc.  All the comforts of home for any special event. 


                                  ----------- Lobster bakes -------

The main item they have added recently that has bistro all over it but unheard of appeal is a New England Clambake.  This is an authentic NE clambake with all the fixins'.  This is done in front of your guests and served with style.  Everyone will be amazed.


                                                  ---------- Scott joins the business --------


As Lisa worked to grow the business, Scott helped when he was off.  One day in early January, Lisa said, this thing is getting too big for me.  So she and Scott built a plan of when he would join the business to assist.  That time came the second week on April in 2012 as the business need exceeded all expectations.  Scott left his steady job and jumped in with both feet.  With Scott helping run the kitchen, Lisa can spend more time marketing and working with customers.  The team can focus on quality food products, better processes for smooth operation and outstanding presentations.  He can bring great things to their customers. He is looking forward to what this can become.


So enjoy the comfort of the service and food.  As they will treat you like family to ensure your event is outstanding.



                               ---------- Commercial Kitchen Expansion -------


Table of 5 has a commercial kitchen but the team felt to expand their business and have the opportunity to take on larger events, a new commerical kitchen was needed.  After long debates starting a year ago, it was decided to build a new external kitchen complete with hood system, ansul, Blodgett ovens, etc.  Scott worked with various vendors and subcontractors plus built the entire structure himself.  The Pettis County Health Department approved the building for use.  The building has a commercial kitchen in the back and a small bistro style area in the front for entertaining. 

                                    ---------- Governor's Ham Breakfast --------

The business has grown by leaps and bounds.  The team at Table of 5 has now fed over 740 people in about 35 minutes at the annual Governor's Ham breakfast.  This included the Governor and his wife as part of the participants plus Senators and Missouri State Highway Patrol.  The tent at the Missouri State Fair held just over 1100 people that fair morning and that crowd is about the same size as Lisa's home town!!!  With that large project, the team at Table of 5 now has the capacity, the ability and confidence to take the next step.  As their mission states, "...We do this by creating good food with the freshest ingredients which remind you of home..." Table of 5 has a 20 ft mobile commerical kitchen that can be set up at any location. This will ensure that they fulfill their mission all the while providing their customers (you) with great fresh tasting food.


                                                ----------- Private Jet Catering -------------


Nearly three years ago, Table of 5 made contact with a firm out of Colorado offering their catering services for private jets coming in and out of Kansas City regional airport.  They worked with the chef.  However in the end, the turnaround time needed exceeded what the team could realistically do with current speed limits!  So using the same offering style, they laid the foundation for contacting other area airports.  Table of 5 is happy to announce their food has now been enjoyed on private jets and a mile high this year!! 


                                     ----------- Wood Fired Pizza -------------


The team at Table of 5 have added a new service line to provide great tasting food to you.  It is wood fired pizza!  It is created on-site from freshly made dough, signature sauces and fresh ingredients.  The pizza is cooked in a brick oven at over 800 degrees.  The crust is light, crunchy and irresistible.  You see Scott has been cooking on wood since he met Lisa.  They fixed pizza on a camping trip during their honeymoon using hand made crust, hamburger and cheese baked tin foil under hot coals.  Lisa says," it was yummy!".  All of Table of 5's food is wood or charcoal roasted.  See it is what they do...or having been doing for over 25 years.  You are now getting to experience it.  Come and try the difference that wood roasting makes.

   ----------- Mobile Catering -------------


With Wood Fired Pizza being such a great success, the Table of 5 team found a need to offer their food to all different markets.  The Lake of the Ozarks has always been a target but getting hot FRESH food there is a challenge without a kitchen.  So when a southern Missouri catering company was looking to retire and had a mobile kitchen for sale, Table of 5 acted and purchased the business.  So Table of 5 is proud to announce, they own a complete mobile kitchen able to serve 200 + people with the option to offer wood fired pizza in conjunction with pasta bars, grilled burgers and anything else the team cares to offer.  The best of all, less held food and made fresher!!!  Look for the trailer coming to an avenue near you!

------------ US Military ------------

A couple of years ago while calling to see if Table of 5 could get into Wings over Whitman to sell pizza, another door opened.  The event is only every other year but the Exchange located on the base was looking to add food trucks to give the airmen food options.  So Table of 5 agreed to put their wood fired pizza trailer in the parking lot as a test and have been their every since.  This led to a call from the Jefferson city field office for the US National Guard.  They wanted catered meals from Table of 5 for two week stint twice a day.  However, they did not have the proper paperwork and due process completed so they could not bid on the job.  So what does it take?  It took about 7 months of paperwork, review, financial submittals, DUNs number clarification, 4 hours of application review, meetings,  etc.  So they finally got all the paperwork, applications, etc filed, approved and now are full on caterer for the US military!

--------- "Food Truck" Wood fired menu items  --------

As their wood fired pizza continues to grow in popularity, the popularity of a food truck is a continual need.  So expanding their menu they are glad to announce that they can offer wood fired menu items.  Guests can now choose between Talagios wood fired pizza, pasta, fajita/tacos and gourmet burgers.  This is something they have been doing, they are just doing it better.

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